Who we are

We are an engineering consulting company located in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We specialize in electronic circuit and printed circuit board design.

What we do

First of all, we design electronic circuits, because we love it.
Our designs are elegant and efficient. Our style is robust and reliable, no nonsense engineering.
Our area of expertise includes analog, digital, audio, video, RF and mixed signal circuits.
We have extensive experience in designing test instruments, specialized research equipment, amplifiers, PLL synthesizers, detectors, motor control and power supplies.

For more detailed information on our areas of activity please visit other pages of the web site:

ENGINEERING - Electronic circuit design. Examples of projects that we have done.
PCB DESIGN - Printed circuit board design. What we need to start your PCB layout project. Documentation produced.

DESIGN QUOTE - Please use this page to submit your project's requirements to receive a free quote.
PROTOTYPE - Prototype PCB fabrication and assembly services.
DOCUMENTS - Schematic capture service. Converting your hand drawn schematics into electronic files. Bill of materials and other technical documentation preparation.
MICROPROCESSORS - Our Microprocessor Development System that helped us with so many projects. We feel that we must share it with the world.
RF - Wireless control, Communication, Networks
AUDIO - One of the most popular of our many audio projects. This page includes Analog-to-Digital (ADC) and Digital-to-Analog (DAC) Hi-Fi stereo converter modules and their applications.
CONTACT - To contact us you can use the information provided on this page.
INFO - Collection of electronics reference information, calculators, links to electronics magazines, component search engines and leading component manufacturers.

What can Pronine Electronics Design do for you?

We provide out-sourced engineering services for the growing number of companies that consider it impractical to maintain their own full-time designer teams in all related areas of expertise. And for those who just need additional resourses to speed up their development process.
We seek to establish long term business relationships with our clients, though one-time jobs are also welcomed.
We can help you with electronic product development or specialized research equipment design starting from concept or at any other stage of the development process. We also can "take a sad song and make it better" meaning that we can help you to improve, debug, update, modify, adapt or optimize your existing design or electronic equipment.

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